Forever Grateful to God for


Tonight I am grateful that this day is over. I had very little patience today and should probably apologize to my boys tomorrow.
For seeing my sister and her family today. It wasn't a long visit, but it is always good to see her. I wish she lived in town.
For Gabe, Aubree and Zach playing well at the park.
For some more baby stuff from Jyll.
That I will hopefully find out tomorrow what is going on with Isaac....are they going to try and turn him, or going straight for a c-section.


I am grateful for a great night with great friends last night.
For a lazy day today. Not needing to be anywhere or do anything is nice some days.
For some snuggle time with my hubby this morning.
For some snuggle time with my boys this afternoon. Gotta love snuggling :)
That tomorrow is another day. Another day to hopefully have things go better.


I have to say that I am very grateful to my husband. I am very uncomfortable most of the time right now, and he has been so understanding. Something I need and very much appreciate.

For a little visit from my Dad today. The boys always love seeing Grampa.

For a special treat today we took the boys to the Marble Slab Creamery for some ice cream. It was REALLY good. Not a treat you can do often, but definitely a nice treat.

For getting some more of our papers sorted through. Its amazing how much paper crap we have lying around. ITS EVERYWHERE!!!!!

For the boys actually putting their toys away today and keeping the livingroom clean. Love when that happens.


Today I am grateful for getting all of the clothes we've been given for Isaac put through the laundry.

For getting some of the house cleaned up.

For a great picture of Zach and my brother :)

For the rain.

For a visit with my mom and sister.


This morning I was grateful that Zach and I were able to get a few errands done while Gabe was at school.
For Gord and Zach going to pick up Gabe from school without me today :)
For naptime.
For the shower I am going to go and have when i am done typing this post.
That i am one day closer to delivery. I am tired of being so uncomfortable.


It is amazing how grateful one can be when you finally get your grass mowed!!! The yard does look so much better.

To my husband for doing the grass and cutting down the tree.

For managing to sort through all of the stuff we've been given.

For being able to pass on all of the things we can't use to other families that can.

For starting to potty train Zach. Should have started before now, but hopefully he might get the hang of it quickly.


A good day...always something to be grateful for.

For the boys being good at church today.

For a meaningful message at church...given by a good friend.

For the "pit" I am in, and being reminded that God is right here with me.

For getting the dishes done, and the boys to clean up their toys.


I am grateful today for the joy that my sister gets from our boys. She loves them dearly, and they think she is the best!!

For receiving some more donations of clothing and things for the baby.

For getting some more laundry done. Now I need to sort through all that we have been given and do even more LOL

For a refreshing shower.

That I was able to get out by myself this afternoon and get some errands done. It is nice sometimes to go without any kids. Thanks honey :)


Again I have been neglecting this important part of my day. I am finding that the closer I come to the end of my pregnancy ( about 40 days left ) the more tired I am..especially by the end of the day. However, this is no excuse. I need to bring my focus back to those things that are important.

I am so very grateful for my husband and our boys! They are truly gifts from God.

That this baby inside of me is growing, moving, and doing well. Even though he is breech...yikes...

That God will take care of it all.

For receiving a cheque that we hadn't anticipated!!!

That we were able to finally get some much needed groceries.

For finally getting some pay from Gord's first week of work!!!

For getting some laundry done today. Still a bunch to do, but tomorrow is another day.

For Gord's Dad trying to help us get our lawnmower going before our backyard is so overgrown it swallows our kids....unfortunately, no luck. Gonna need to start putting a rope around the kid's waists LOL.

For all the things we have been given to help us get ready for Isaac's arrival.

I'm going to leave it at this for today. I will do my best to get back to posting every day.


I am grateful for the good day today.

For a great visit with Gord's parents and Great Gramma.

For Great Gramma playing Hide n Seek with the boys

For just being able to enjoy the day with Gord

For dreams...


Tonight I am so very grateful that my husband is home.
That he didn't end up having to be away the whole month.
For hearing Zach tell him that he really missed him as he hugged him good night.
For a friend taking the boys for a couple of hours yesterday....and they were good!!!
For getting some laundry and some cleaning done today. Still so much to do, but a good step today :)


One more day down...another day closer to Gord coming home.

I am grateful for getting through today with very little of mommy yelling!!! Thanks to God :)

For enjoying a little time outside with the boys tonight. It wasn't much with pokey eaters, but it was still nice :)

For getting to see daddy with the webcam again tonight. Still having issues with the sound but we used speakerphone and made it work.

That Gord is safely in Regina ready to start the next sale. Go gettem' baby!


Well I have neglected this blog for the last 10 days. You miss one day and it makes it so much easier to miss another, and then another and before you know it a week and a half has gone by. After some encouragement from my husband, I am back to make up for some missed posts :)

This road that my family and I have been on has most certainly had its ups and downs, and continues to bring challenges and struggles, but also hope and blessings.

As much as there are days that seem filled with nothing good, I know that this is not the case and if I just look closer, I will find something good in every day. These last 10 days are no different. Have there been lots of things I could complain about? Sure, and I should probably apologize to the listening ear of a good friend who lets me vent to her. But, she also always brings me back to the good parts of the day too.

So what do I have to be grateful for lately?

For the love of my husband. I miss him very much.

For Gord's first week of work. It has had its good points and bad ones just like anything else, but hopefully this job will allow us to get back on track, and get ahead a little before the baby comes.

For Gord meeting Martin. I am so grateful that God has provided such a friend for him.

That we have been able to do prayers by speakerphone with Gord/Daddy every night at bedtime. They know that they get to talk to Daddy at that time every day, and they look forward to it.

That so far they have handled Gord being away well. They miss him, and ask for him, but we haven't had any big meltdowns yet :) I think prayer time and the Jujube Count down jar help....who doesn't like having a jujube every day. LOL

I am grateful that we finally got the truck licencing changed over and it is now fully in our name and able to be driven. It has been a blessing being able to get to church, the grocery store, take my sister to work, and get to doctor's appointments without needing to rely on anyone.

For our boys. As much as they drive me crazy some days...okay, most days....I love them beyond words. They are truly a blessing from God.

For having some snuggle time with Gabe today.

For hearing them say that they love me. The best words :)

For enjoying treats like ice cream and chocolate...yummy.

For this baby. He was not planned, and a most definitely a surprise, but he is a gift from God.

For feeling the baby move. Some times it doesn't feel so great, and some times even hurts a little, but knowing that he is growing and active gives me a sense of peace.

That I know God is in control. That He knows all that we are going through and dealing with and wants to look after it all if we will just trust Him.

For the encouragement, care and concern of friends and family. I am grateful to have people checking in to make sure that we are doing ok.

As I end this post today I ask that whatever your current situation or circumstances, that you take the time in your day to look for something good. Its there, we just have to open our eyes and hearts to find it. May you be richly blessed.


The end of another day.

I am grateful today for the sun being out for awhile :)

For picking up the CRV. Only one more step and its all ours!

For Gord not having to leave until Tuesday morning now. One extra night with him snuggled beside me.

That its the weekend. Can stay in my pj's in the morning if I feel like it.

Only two months left until Baby Isaac joins our crazy family