Forever Grateful to God for


Tuesday March 23rd

Good Morning.

A little catch up time again.....going to just make a point form list

I am grateful for.....

...Gabe's bus driver taking him(and a busload of kids) to Laser Quest and bowling during March Break

...for the break that the previous entry provided for me

.....for the beautiful weather, and the time outside that made possible

....for fun with friends on the you guys

....for finally getting to the library in Plattsville

....for the wonderful librarian giving us some great information on upcoming events

....for the literacy event at the library in stories, songs, and a free book for each of the boys

...for making the time to actually read a book!!!

....for the beautiful smile of my little Isaac

....for enjoying some really fun time with the older two

....for getting some clothes that Isaac has outgrown (3garbage bags) given to a friend for use at the Pregnancy centre

....for hope that I might actually get some things done this week

....for finally deciding that I don't need to apologize when i haven't been able to make the time to get in here and post

.....for still having the desire to get in here on a more regular basis

....for this journey of life that God travels with me


Monday March 8

Some days the best thing I am grateful for is that the day is almost is one of those days. Nothing really wrong, just ready to be in my bed, snuggled with hubby, sleeping peacefully.

I am happy that our upstairs windows are one day closer to being finished. No more drafts and no more raining in the kitchen.

For getting most of the laundry done.

For Gabe doing his homework with relatively little fuss.

That my Spinach and chicken lasagna actually tasted pretty good. Gabe and I liked it anyway. Zach on the other hand chose not to eat.


March 2-7

This first week of March has just flown by. I have barely even checked my email this week nevermind having a chance to actually post.

Spring....oh, come quickly please....

Atleast we have had some warmer weather this week and some of the snow is melting.

This week I stopped breastfeeding. I am glad to finally have my body back, but also a little sad. Isaac is my last baby, and that was the last time I will share that type of bond with my kids.

Gabe had his first birthday party of the year to go to on saturday. He was so excited. I am grateful that he not only found a friend on his bus, but that he lives on our street too:)

We enjoyed an evening of fun with friends. We have entertained more at this house in 6months than we did in several years at the other house.

Here we go onto another week.


Monday March 1st

Hard to believe it is already March...where does the time go.

Today I am grateful for thinking ahead enough to use the crockpot for supper.

For getting Isaac's crib into his room finally.

For a cheque finally coming so that our insurance didn't bounce.

Finally having my body back. Yesterday was my last day of breastfeeding. (the pain I am hoping will be gone quickly)

For not having to fight with Gabe tonight to get him to do his home reading. AND!!!! He did a great job......go figure.

Sunday February 28th

Since I am behind, I will keep these short and sweet.

Today I am grateful for a fun time with friends.

For enjoying the Canada vs USA game with those friends.

For sharing a delish meal of pizza and salad with those same friends.

For the boys not destroying friends home or terrorizing their dog too much.

That it was bedtime as soon as we got home!A fun day.