Forever Grateful to God for


Today has been a long day. I am grateful that it is almost over now.

I am grateful for getting out tonight for a little drive to clear my head.

That the CRV is ready for us to pick up tomorrow.

That I will have a vehicle while Gord is gone for the month.

For the shower I am about to have and then the time that I will get to snuggle with my hubby tonight before falling asleep.


As this wednesday comes to an end, I am grateful that Gord doesn't leave until monday. I am grateful that we have been given this week to not only get him ready to be gone for a month, but to make sure that we notice the memories that get made every day.
I am grateful for getting some of the boys room cleaned up.
For Gord taking Zach out this morning so that I could get that cleaning done.
For Gord looking after supper tonight.
For Gord. My love.


Today I had my pre-registration at the hospital. I am grateful that nothing much has changed since I had Zach.
That Gord got the rest of his errands done today.
That the CRV passed its emissions test today. Looks like we might finally get this vehicle on the road!
That Gord took Gabe to school and picked him up today so that I didn't have to go in the rain :)
For a nice little walk with the boys tonight.


Today I am grateful for Zach's love of all things that can resemble a's choice... the Winnie the Pooh finger puppet theatre.
For getting most of our errands done.
That we still have six and a half days before Gord has to go away.
For the fun the boys and Gord were having horsing around in the school yard on our way home.
For the peace and quiet that happens once its bedtime!!


Awwwww, isn't that adorable :)

I am grateful today for our church, Hope Fellowship. Absolutely wonderful people. We have been truly blessed to be a part of this family of believers.

For the messages these last few weeks on Forgiveness.

For lunch out with my Mom, my big sister, Gord and the boys. Its been a long time since we have done that.

For how much my boys LOVE their Auntie Joe.

For how much she LOVES them back.


Today was a good day. We got up this morning and took the boys to the Farmers market.

I am grateful for such a beautiful day.

For the kids enjoying petting these huge horses.
For fresh fruit and veggies!!
For enjoying time as a family.
For the boys smiling faces :)


I have struggled today. There are things I wish that I could erase. :(
There are things to be grateful for today, but they seem overwhelmed by the not good stuff :(
However here they are....
I am grateful for the arrival of Gord's income tax refund!
For being able to pay afew things and get some groceries.
For Gord having his BB turned back on. I know it bothered him to not have it.
For getting the some things cleaned up today
That tomorrow might be a better day.


Today I am grateful that my OB appointment went well. No gestational diabetes or any other difficulties.

For the baby growing well, but me not gaining much weight.

For Gabe's huge smile when he came out of school and all of us were there to pick him up.

For Zach's squeal when Gabe gets out of school. He runs up and hugs him every time. Priceless.

That Gord was able to get in today for a haircut as he wanted.


I am always grateful when I get to have a nap in the afternoon :)

For the bowl of ice cream I just enjoyed with my hubby:)

That today is almost over...not feeling quite myself today.

That Gabe had a great time on his field trip today...even in the rain.

That Windsor won I don't have to listen to Gord complain about the Knights least until next season.


Tonight I am grateful for having a nice jacuzzi bath. Some day I will have a BIG jacuzzi bathtub!

For helpful insight from a friend.
For a beautiful card from my hubby (and a funny one too:))
For the hope that good things are on their way.
For Dad getting home today from the hospital.


I haven't posted since Friday night. A lot has happened in the last week. We found out that my mom has a spot on her lung that they don't know what it is yet, so we have to wait for more tests. Then on Friday my dad had a stroke. We also have another friend who has been struggling with PTS for more than a year who checked herself into the hospital late last week as well.

This morning started out on the wrong foot. Its a miserable day outside, rainy, cold, and VERY windy. I was REALLY late getting out of bed and was sure that I was going to make Gabe late for school. However, I already have much to be grateful for.

First of all Gord sensing my distress, hopped out of bed and was ready to take Gabe to school for me in no time flat. Gabe actually ended up being early LOL.

We needed to pick up milk and juice today, so Gord came back from taking Gabe to school, picked up Zach and they are off to the grocery store. Mommy has a rare time of quiet in our home:) As I write this I am sitting listening to the dripping tap, the static coming through the monitor, and the furnace that just kicked in. But it is heaven to have a reprieve from the Mommy! Mommy. Mommy? Mommy!

But how do I be grateful for the first three things I mentioned above? Well, thanks to my husbands help this morning, I am grateful to be in a better mood, and choosing to look at things differently this morning.

My mom...i am grateful that the doctor has found this spot. You can't deal with what you don't know is there. I am grateful that it could be nothing more than scar tissue. I am grateful that no matter what it is, I know that God will be there with us.

My dad...I am very grateful that his stroke was not worse, especially since they drove to the hospital themselves instead of getting an ambulance right away. I am grateful that his speech has returned, and that every day he is getting better. I am grateful that I talked to him last night.

Our friend...I am grateful that the hospital had a bed for her. I am grateful that she is getting help.

I could end this post there, but there is something else I need to be grateful for this morning.

Gord has a job!! It has been a very long journey we have been on, and by no means is it over, but we are very grateful for this opportunity to start getting things back on track. I'll post more about the job and what it will mean for us in the coming weeks on my other blog later. I am just very grateful that a job has finally be provided. May God bless it.

I have much to be grateful for, and yet I still ask for more. We have a lot of things that need to get worked out before this new job starts in two weeks. But, my God is an AWESOME God. He loves us, and I believe He will provide what we need. I pray that today will continue to get better and better, and that I will continue to be thankful for all of it.


Tonight I am grateful that God hears me when I pray.

For making the effort to have all of us go to pick up Gabe from school today. (He loves when he sees daddy there)

For Zach's laugh.

For the imaginations my kids have.

For the love they show to friends and family.


The newness of Spring.

I am grateful for this beautiful day.

For being able to borrow a vehicle to get some errands done.

That needles don't bother me.

That Gord and I get to enjoy most evenings together...tonight included:)



A pretty reflection shot of the clouds :)

I am grateful that the weather has gotten a little warmer (sucks that it has brought the ants back though:( )

For getting the overflowing dishes done.

For Gord doing the washing of those dishes!!!!

A nice walk with Gord and the boys.

For being one step closer to a potential job for Gord! Keep praying:)


A precious sleeping baby...awwwww.....i'll keep praying that this little one inside me likes to sleep :)

I am grateful today that I didn't have to do much of anything.

For sitting here all showered, clean and relaxed.

Enjoying a cup of tea and a couple of caramels.

That our boys are happy with one piece of easter chocolate at a time, and don't bug me every second for more.

That even though our weekend was very long, Gabe had no issues getting back into school routine this morning.


The sun has gone down and the day is drawing to a close. The end of another Monday.
I am so very grateful today that I know that my kids are safe in their beds right where they should be. My heart goes out to the Stafford family in Woodstock as they pray for word about their missing 8 year old daughter.
For the boys enjoying making our pizza for supper.
For another potential job for Gord...interview set for thursday.
For the "I love you's" that my boys are always so generous with.
For the reminder to not let myself get so wrapped up in the struggles in our lives that we take for granted the time to just enjoy our kids.


Last night was a very late night, so I didn't do my five for yesterday. So, we'll just make a bigger list tonight.

I am so very grateful for the sacrifice that Jesus made for me.

That I am forgiven.

For Grace

That I am secure in the knowledge that my last breath on earth will be immediately followed by my first breath in heaven.

I'm also thankful that most of my loved ones will be there with me...and hopefully I still have time with the rest to show them Jesus through me.

Yesterday we visited some good friends. I am grateful for a wonderful night of food and conversation.

For the Easter baskets full of goodies they gave the boys.

Today we had a wonderful Easter dinner with Gord's parents and his youngest sister. It was a really nice afternoon.

For Grampa setting up a little easter egg hunt for the boys. They each had their own set of bunny prints to follow to find the treats. They had a blast.

For our friend Chuck goofing around with the boys. Thanks for tiring them out Chuck!I am grateful for a good weekend. It was long, but lots of fun. I am also grateful that it is now over. Time for some sleep :)


I have to hurry today and get my five in before the clock hits midnight...only 9 minutes left.

Today I am grateful for a nice lunch with Gord and the boys.

For a little visit with Gramma and Grampa.

For having a visit with the other Gramma and Grampa and Auntie Brenda.

For the boys having a good nap

That my Mom-in-law is going to join us in the delivery room again :)

.....and 4 minutes to spare...night.


Today was a struggle for me. I had alot of trouble with the boys not listening, and I am at a loss as to what to do to change their behaviour. Frustration has been a heavy cloud today.
So, today I really need to take a look back and find the good in the day.
I am grateful that today was a nice day outside.
After school Gabe and Zach were able to play on the park finally after weeks of asking every day.
For the gift of some Ready-to-make Pizzas from friends.
For Gord having an interview today.
That although we didn't have a great day, the boys still were good going to bed.
I think I am now going to go put on the kettle and try and relax a little. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.


Had an OB appointment this morning. I am grateful that my doctor says all is good.

For losing 4 lbs and not having the doctor freak out...apparently baby is on the bigger side of that.

For Gord going out to pick up afew things that I forgot yesterday.

For Gord bringing a treat too:)

For having some time to myself this morning.


This morning my sister's ride to work had car trouble. I was grateful that we were able to help her out and get her to work.

For Gabe having a teacher that cares about how he is doing.

For being able to have a shower in the middle of the day just because I felt like it.

For enjoying a movie with the kids tonight

For getting some snuggle time with Gord.


What the heck ?!!! SNOW?!!!! NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm having a hard time feeling grateful with the snow piling up outside, but i'll try.

I am grateful for getting insurance for our vehicle today. Still need to do the safety and licencing, but we are one step closer.

For some fun comedy on tv tonight.

For a good bowl of ice cream.

For not having to go out in this weather except to take Gabe to and from school this morning.

For knowing that this snow can't last forever!....right?


We haven't gotten out to do much in the last couple of days, which makes it a little hard to come up with different things to be grateful for with each new day.

I am grateful just to make it through another day though.

For ending the day with a clean kitchen...dishes even put away.

For cleaning out the cupboard and fridge of stale/expired stuff. Tomorrow its the freezer.

For sunshine

For our little boy's laughter. It is really hard not to let it make you smile.


The end of another week. Hard to believe I have 13 weeks left until this baby arrives. I made a chart for Gabe today because he keeps asking me when the baby will be here. Today we marked off our first box. 87 days left.

I am grateful that Gabe hasn't asked me again how the baby comes out. Still not sure what a five year old needs to know. But when he asks what tools the doctor uses, it scares me a little LOL.

For some great compliments for Gord on his painting jobs from friends of ours.

For being able to get a few groceries with the last bit of money we had. The boys will be happy that mommy got some more hot dogs.

That my hubby doesn't mind when I fall asleep earlier than I plan.

For the hope of something good happening in the coming week :)


This was a shot I took last spring. I am really looking forward to getting back to taking pictures. Now if only the rain would stop and the beauty of spring would appear.

Today's five start with being grateful for today's PD day. It was so nice not to have to take Gabe to school in the pouring rain this morning.

For Gord hearing about one of his interviews from last week. It wasn't the answer we wanted, but atleast they finally got back to him.

For a friend spending some time playing with the boys. They do love having visitors :)

For the touch of my husband's hands. Whether it be a gentle caress across my face, or his hand resting with mine over my pregnant belly. I love to feel that connection.

For reading some other blogs and finding humour, life, and hope in what they write.


This might seem like a weird thing to be grateful for, but I am VERY grateful tonight to be able to take my pants off. Some days it is really uncomfortable to have both the waistbands of underwear and pants over my pregnant belly.

For a couple more job leads for Gord. Hopefully something will pan out soon

For a simple supper....just hot dogs :)

For my mom paying our phone bill again to keep us with a phone and internet service. Thanks so much Mom.

For Gord going to pick up Gabe from school today.


It is easy to be grateful for my sister. Today she came to play, and as you can see, the boys LOVE their time with her.

For being able to use a gift card to pick
up some groceries.
For a nice, easy to talk to counsellor.
I am grateful that even though I usually don't feel like going to my appointments with her, that I do go, and always get something out of it.
That regardless of what happens in my day I can look at my kids and they can make me smile.