Forever Grateful to God for


Thursday November 25th

Today I got to see my middle boy get an award at school!
Way to go ZACH!!!
Love you:)

For Gabe being happy for Zach, not miserable that it wasn't him.

My hubby's day off.  Always a good day when he gets to be home with us.

A wee bit of a nap.  Would have LOVED it to be longer, but hey, atleast I got a little one.

No issues with reading time today.  Thank the good Lord!


Wednesday November 24th

I love Wednesdays
Mostly because my older sister comes out and spends almost every wednesday with me (and of course with the kids).
It is always one of the best things of my week. 
I am so thankful for her.

It was weigh in today.
After my fabulous weekend I knew I had gained....ALOT.
I didn't want to go.
Yes, it was a big gain, but I do NOT regret my weekend at all!!
I'm glad I went.

Bath night.
Actually went pretty smoothly.
Virtually no tears.
Great smelling boys after.

A good batch of cookies.
After cooking two batches too long,
the 3rd was the charm.
Look out Cookie Exchange.
Here come my Lip-Smacking Lemon Cookies.

I am thankful to be making the time to post here.
It makes me look back and remember the positive things of my day instead of thinking about all that I didn't do or stressing about things to come.


Tuesday November 23rd

Another day has come and gone.  It started out rough, but we got through it.

I am grateful for the bus driver coming back for my boys.  Thank you!!

Errands completed before lunch :)

All of my kids ate the dinner I had made with NO complaints!

There were leftovers of dinner to send in their thermoses for a hot lunch on wednesday.  They LOVE taking their thermos.

I got to watch my Makeover Week episode of The Biggest Loser.....UNINTERRUPTED!!! 


For Monday November 22nd

Here is my list for today, well actually for yesterday.  I post the morning of the next day so that I have a whole day to draw from.  Some days I find it very hard to find 5 things to be grateful for, and need all the day I can get!

Posting two days in a row! Wahoo.  I am on a roll.

Getting out to the bus on time today.  Seems simple enough, but some days......OYYY!!

When people leave comments (preferably nice ones) on my blogs.  It is nice to know that someone is reading them (other than me of course).

A day at errands today. A perfect day for it.  Who wants to be dragging their little boy in and out of the car in the rain?  I'm sure he enjoyed staying in his pj's a whole lot more :)

That it is raining, not SNOWING!! 
Have I mentioned that I REALLY dislike snow?  I'd be very happy if it would come December 24th, and be gone December 26th.  I pray for it every year, but I guess there are enough others praying for a long winter to counteract my pleas.


It's about time!

It is hard to believe that we are almost at the end of November!  I have neglected this blog for a very long time.  I have come to realize lately that I NEED this blog, and it's about time I get back to it!

There is so much to be thankful for if we just take the time to realize it.

So, without further ado....

An awesome weekend with my hubby.  Some much needed adult alone time. Truly a blessing.  Love you Gord!

For a fabulous sister-in-law who took the boys for the weekend.  They had a wonderful time and I knew they were in great hands.  Much thanks to you!!

Having some of my Christmas shopping done.  Usually I am the one doing it the few days before Christmas.  Still have more to do, but thankful to be a little more organized with it this year.

My brother and nephews will be coming home for Christmas this year!! Can't wait!!!

My little Isaac.  He is a going concern.  If you take your eyes off him for too long, he'll have his pants and socks off.  LOL

My darling Zachary.  My middle man.  He loves JK, riding the bus, and getting his older brother in trouble.

My precious Gabriel.  My first born.  Growing like a weed and anxious to celebrate his 7th birthday in a few weeks.  We are looking forward to partying with family and friends.

I am thankful for all 3 of my little men.  Each has their own quirks, and even though they can push every button I have, and I have questioned God at times for giving them to me, I love them dearly!!

For today.