Forever Grateful to God for


I am so grateful for the love of my husband and kids. They make it worth getting up everyday.

For getting all the dishes done. I should learn not to let them pile up :(

For the boys liking dinner tonight. It was just spaghetti, but both of them had seconds.

For days when there is no new bad news.

For when Gord feels the baby move.



I am starting off tonight's list with being grateful that we actually had an ant-free day today.

For being able to pay enough to the mortgage company to keep the house for another few weeks.

Learning that there won't be any PST charged on the vehicle we were given. ( Now just to afford the safety, licensing and insurance. Small blessings!)

For getting tubtime, teethbrushed, stories read, prayers said and the boys in their beds at the right time :)

For having a chance to chat with a friend for a little while today.


The end of another week...or the beginning, whichever way you want to look at it.

I am going to start todays five with being grateful that my Mom has made it back from her two week cruise safe and sound.

For her having a great vacation. She deserved it!

For a gift of Gabe's current favourite movie.

For Gord getting paid for his week of work from a couple weeks ago.

For the sunshine coming after the rain today.


Today is my Mom-in-law's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!
She is a wonderful woman, and I am grateful to have her in my life.
For the Women's Breakfast this morning at the church...great food, wonderful fellowship.
For getting some of the yard raked today. Hopefully the rain will stay away long enough for me to get it bagged.
For a nice visit with Gord's parents.
That I was able to keep a promise to Gabe to go outside and let him ride his bike today.


As I look at this picture I am grateful for the care that God takes in making each and every one of us.

I think of the baby I am carrying and am grateful that he is in God's hands.

For a nice spring day.

For Gabe's pure enjoyment of a new movie 4 days BOLT has been the only movie he has watched.

That for an extra dollar we get to keep the movie for 8 days instead of 1. Looks like Daddy made a good choice.


Another day has come and gone. Lately I have not felt very well,which makes the end of the day a welcome thing. It can also make it hard to get my brain to think about the day and come up with my five things....but, here it goes.

I am grateful tonight that both the boys managed to make it through their haircuts with relatively minor issues...amazing what lollipop bribery can do

For Gord giving the boys much needed baths tonight

For getting a new bra..even if it needs to be a nursing one

For going out on my own for a little while today. I was kind of in a fog, but it was still nice to just walk around a little by myself.

Gord doesn't think that my using being done my five, AS one of my five is how about this one.....
I am grateful that when I started this blog I made it a daily list of 5 not 10!!


It is terribly late, and I should already have been asleep for several hours (man...will I be grumpy in the morning) but, I wanted to keep on top of this.
Tonight's five...

For a wonderful evening with friends

For Gord having a good interview, which will hopefully lead to a second one.

For being given a vehicle! We just need to safety, and insure it. Amazing!

For getting a start on organizing some of our papers

That Iam now done my five, and am off to bed !!


This is one of my favourite pictures of my youngest little boy, soon to be my middle little boy. Ain't he beautiful?

Tonight I am grateful for taking the opportunity to sit on the couch as a family and enjoy finishing watching a movie together.

For Gord liking my Shepherd's pie for dinner even if the boys didn't :(

For Kleenex with lotion!!

For the VERY LARGE bowl of ice cream I am going to enjoy when I am done writing this post! lol

For another possible job opportunity for Gord! Please Lord let one of these come together soon.


Tonight I feel like poop. Having a cold when you are pregnant and can't take anything really sucks! But, here I am to give today's five

I am grateful for my hubby making me a tea to try and help me feel better

For a job interview for Gord on Wednesday morning. All prayers appreciated

For Gabe getting back to routine with school

For getting some errands done this morning

For finally being up to date with our taxes...even '08!


Tonight I am grateful that it is almost time for bed.

For getting to church

For beautiful sleeping babies...two new ones in church today :)

That my husband is very understanding of my moods and headaches.

That my boys are in bed, and I can get in my pj's, relax with my hubby and watch some tv


This picture just makes me think of new life. I am eagerly awaiting the beauty of spring.

I am grateful for the feeling I get when I look at the change in our livingroom.

That everyone had a nap today

For the use of a friend's vehicle for the next two weeks!!

For getting back to routine

For wonderful "private" moments with my husband. Sorry...not sharing the details!


I have neglected to post for a couple of days while I have been at my sister's, but now that I am home I will get back to doing it every night.

I am very grateful for all of the effort and hard work my hubby put in this week getting our bathroom and livingroom painted. They look AWESOME!

For being home.

For getting to see my hubby after 5 days

That it was a good week at Jyll's. No major meltdowns with 5 kids.

That i get to sleep in my own bed beside Gord tonight :)


Today was a good day. I gave in to a craving tonight and had the yummiest Dairy Queen Strawberry Sundae!!!

It was nice to spend the majority of the day with only 2 of the 5 kids.

I am so grateful to Jyll for putting Gabe in Gymnastics Camp with the Delaney and Aubree today.

A nap with Zach. To watch my little boy (who isn't so little anymore) sleep in my arms.

That the four older kids have been sleeping in the same room every night and doing it with virtually no issues. Delaney has been fabulous with making sure Zach makes it through the night. Tonight she has even kept him in bed with her :) Mommy might get two nights without kids in my bed!!!


The end of the day is upon us now. All the kids are in bed, 2 are actually sleeping. Time for today's five....

I am grateful for a good day today. All the kids were pretty good, and still no fighting!

For my wonderful neice Delaney who took the kids this morning and got them breakfast :)

Afew hours of sleep last night with nobody in bed with me. Not that I don't love being in bed with my hubby, but its nice occassionally to have the space to sprawl out.

For having alot of fun playing with the kids today. Hide and seek was a blast.

For getting to see Delaney do some tumbling...very cool.
Last night was our first night at Auntie Jyllie's. Didn't get onto the computer. SO, here are yesterday's five. (There won't be any pictures with the next few posts as I am not on my puter)

I am grateful to have a few days away from the mess of my house.

To get some time to sit and chat with my sister

That we haven't had any fighting between the kids....yet. LOL

That the sun was out...makes for a nicer drive when you don't have to wear your coats.

That my neice Piper seems to think I am fun today :)


Another spring type picture...please send the warm weather

Tonight I am grateful that the roast beef dinner that Gord made yesterday was big enough that I didn't have to make supper again tonight :)
That my bathroom has had the wallpaper stripped off, and will be painted in the next couple of days.
For FREE paint
That it was a nice day today...even if we weren't out to enjoy it
For the funny tooth fairy story from a friend...made me laugh :)


I can't wait until spring flowers and things start popping up and I can get back out to take new spring pictures :) Here's today's picture.

Tonight's five start with being grateful for a wonderful roast beef dinner cooked by my husband. It was totally yummy. (unfortunately he wasn't even here to enjoy it:( )

For being able to get the laundry done before we go to my sister's for afew days. Always good to be able to take clean clothes

That Gord was able to go to the last Ranger home game tonight

For a gift of some grocery money

That i get to fall asleep every night with the love of my life beside me.


Picture of the day...
So here is Thursday's edition on Janessa's five things to be grateful for today :)
I am grateful that we didn't have to pay for Zach's doctor appointment today being that his health card is expired...months ago!! OOPS!
That the line up at the Ministry of Health was short.
For a friend loaning us her car, and taking Gabe for the afternoon.
For that same friend making us a yummy dinner as well.
For the end of a pretty good day


Today's picture...Today I am grateful that the day is almost over. I have not dealt with my frustrations very well today and am looking forward to a new day tomorrow.

Enjoying a cup of hot tea.

That we remembered to take the garbage and recycling out

That one of my favourite shows is on

That my children are safe and snug in their beds


Today I am struck by how grateful I am to have my little boys.

Snuggling with Gabe

Gabe singing me a "lullabye" was O Canada. LOL

Zach finally eating ALL of his dinner WITHOUT me pestering him

To be able to look back at pictures of them as they have grown

For the new life inside of me.

(I don't know what the future holds for us all, but I am blessed by each of them)
Today's picture


Some days coming up with my five things is easier than others. Today is not one of the easy days. Its not that anything bad has happened today, its just that not much has happened at all today.
But, here we go
Holding my hubby's hand
A great piece of chocolate cake
A good check up with the OB
Hearing Zach say he has a baby in his tummy too
Bedtime prayers with our boys


The end of another day and time for another five.

A testimony that brought me to tears

For "I Love You 100"

For God's love

For hope of a better tomorrow

Holding my sleeping little boy


Today's picture starts off today's five.

I am so grateful for the gift of my two (soon to be 3) beautiful boys.

For the love of my husband

For the peaceful sound of rain on the skylight

For getting out today even though it was raining

For the boys having a bedtime routine that they follow with virtually no fuss.


Its the end of another day and time to come up with my five things that I am grateful for today.

For a couple great girlfriends that keep checking in on me.

That I am learning that God loves me just as I am

Tickle fights with Gabe and Zach

A funny movie


Today's picture
I neglected to get my five done for yesterday, so I am doing it now.

Yesterday's picture

yesterday's five

That Gord went with me to Grace Walk class

For Gord's parents watching the boys for us to go

For the use of Eldon's truck to get us there

More spring like weather

For a couple extra days of work for Gord


This week seems to be going by rather quickly. I am grateful today that I am taking the time each day to look back and see that there really is good in every day.

A good supper, and everything cleaned up and put away

Brad taking me to a doctor's appointment at the last minute today

Listening and being open to someone else's perspective

Starting to tackle this mess I call my bedroom

That I am about to sit back and enjoy a tea, get some homework done, and watch a wee bit of tv with my hubby

Today's picture...


Today's pic. Not my boys, but a shot I would love to get of them:)

The five things that I am grateful for today...

Zach and I had a good morning while Gabe was at school

That I can still take Tylenol during pregnancy...headaches suck

That Gord has enjoyed the time working, and sharing with a friend

Snuggling up to my husband

That today is almost over. Really tired today.


I don't know how many people are actually reading this blog, but as I sit here starting tonight's entry I find myself hoping that someone might find it an inspiration to start taking the time to think about their own daily five things to be grateful for.

Here are my five for today

The city came to fix the drain problem today, and it ended up being a problem outside of the house, SO NO CHARGE!!! wahoo!

For a ride to my ultrasound appointment from my Step Mom

For Grampa providing babysitting while I was gone..the boys prefer playing with him anyway

That Grampa and Gabe did the dishes

The quietness of the house right now. Everyone else is asleep :)

Picture for today


I am very very tired tonight, so no chit chat, just straight to the five

That spring is hopefully just around the corner

For friends who made sure we had a way to church today

For those same friends loaning us their car for the day

For help from Gord's dad with our "drain" problem ....uuuggghhhh

For another friend helping us out by watching the boys so I could go do the laundry, while Gord tried to clean up the drainage mess....still cleaning it up :(....okay, so not so grateful for that part