Forever Grateful to God for


Thursday May 20 to Saturday May 22

This week has just flown by and again I have to do a multi day post.
I am grateful for....
A day at errands today :)
Gabe having a good day at school.
Getting some much needed cleaning done.
A chat with my sister-in-law.
A nice long shower.
My hubby's day off.
A nice lunch together.
Enjoying a movie.
The kids being good on our drive to Alliston.
Having my Mom come with us.
Being able to watch my neice's gymnastics meet.
My hubby letting me use his SUV :)


Tuesday May 18th & Wed May 19th

I didn't have a chance to post yesterdays list, so here I go with both.

I am grateful for...
my Dad being okay after his pacemaker didn't work
my 3 precious little boys
finishing Gabe's 'recycled' guitar
getting my workout done even though my baby was not wanting to go to sleep
freshly mown looks so much better.
my sister spending the day with the kids and I
a good weigh-in and meeting
the amazing encouragement I get from my hubby
having friends join me on this weightloss journey
some yummy cookies from my sister-in-law!


Monday May 17th

Today is almost over, and I should be heading for bed. Instead I'm going to post today's five :)
Today I was weeding the garden and found this....
in one of my bushes as I was pruning it.
I am grateful for the beauty all around us.

Tonight was Gabe's softball practise

I'm grateful he's enjoying it.

I got a call from Gabe's teacher today with an update on his progress.
He is doing much better with his reading and writing.
I am SO grateful for this.

I am grateful for Zach's imagination.

He is happy making up stories as he plays.

Tonight my husband needed a ride home from work. He works about 45minutes away from home. My wonderful sister (who lives 30 minutes in the opposite direction) was gracious enough to come out to watch the boys so that I could go and get hubby. She is the best. She finished giving them their baths and put the clean linens back on their beds!

I am SO grateful for her!

Tuesday May 11 - Sunday May 16

It is truly amazing at how quickly the days get away from me. I miss one day and then BOOM a week has gone by. So, here I am to get caught back up.

Tuesday.....grateful for Pizza Day! Every tuesday my oldest gets Pizza and chocolate milk at school for lunch. He loves it, which makes me love it too!

Wednesday.....grateful for a good checkup. Zach (the middle boy) had a Preschool Health Fair today. They checked his teeth, ears, eyes, nutrition, and immunization. He checked out all good...and had fun doing it. That is a total PLUS!! Totally grateful for that.
....for getting to my WW meeting and being down 0.8. Finally heading back in the right direction. Grateful!

Thursday....for having a really good ON PROGRAM day. This just means that I stayed within my points. I wasn't hungry, and even got in my exercise which I have been definitely lacking. A good to be grateful for!

Friday....ended up having a funeral to go to today. My stepmom's Aunt died this week. She was very close to her. I was grateful to my sister-in-law who graciously agreed to take my kids so that I could attend the funeral and show my stepmom and Dad some love and support.

Saturday....Gabe got to go to his first friend sleepover tonight. He was so excited (has been all week waiting for today to come). We packed his backpack and off we went. I don't think I even got a bye Mom. LOL
I am grateful that he has found his "best friend" and its an added bonus that they just live a kilometer and a half down the road :)

Sunday.....a wonderful church service that really made me think..(I love our church family), and then off to lunch at Gabe's friend's house. We had a wonderful time getting to know their family. I think we will become good friends. I am grateful for a great day had by all.

I know this is only one or two things for each day instead of the five that I try and post, but that would have been a bit much for one post. Hopefully I will keep up this week :)


Monday May 10th

It is 7:30pm and all is quiet. Usually I would be getting the kids to bed now, but Gabe is doing Softball right now and had a practice tonight. I am usually the one who takes him, but my baby Isaac has been running a fever since yesterday and I didn't think sitting outside for two hours with him ws the wisest move.
Thankfully my Dad..aka Grampa...was able to come out tonight and take him. For that I am grateful.
He also took Zach, which saved me from lots of tears....for that I am grateful.
That left me with just my fevered little boy. He is sleeping peacefully for the moment. For that I am grateful.
It has been a relatively quiet day...for that I am grateful.
It was a beautiful sunny day ( a bit cold, but still beautiful)...for that I am grateful!


Saturday May 8th and Sunday May 9th

I have had a really nice weekend.
Saturday night hubby and I went to friend's place for dinner. What a delicious meal we enjoyed with our friends and two of their grown boys. It was fun to see what kind of conversations we might be having with our boys in another 16 to 18 years.
(A fabulous dinner that I didn't have to cook or clean up after....For that I am grateful)
After dinner we sat in their livingroom and laughed. We chatted and laughed. Laughed, and laughed some more. It was glorious. The time just flew by. It has been a long time since we laughed that much. What a wonderful that I am truly grateful for.
Now, for those that know us, you know that we have 3 small boys. So, for us to go out for an evening, we need a babysitter...or two LOL. We are lucky enough to have become really good friends with another couple in the last 6 months. We love them, they love us, and they love our boys!! They were more than willing to take on our boys for the evening....for that I am grateful.
They AND our boys had a great time....for that I am even more grateful!!
Today was Mother's Day!
I have 3 beautiful boys that even though they can make me want to pull my hair out, I can't imagine my life without them. For the gift of these boys from my heavenly Father, I am truly grateful.
We enjoyed a nice lunch as a family at Swiss Chalet, and I got a gift certificate for some "pampering" ! Looking forward to using that!!
Wonderful Mother's Day and for that I am grateful!
I love ALL my boys, and they love me! For that I am grateful!!!!!


Friday May 7

Today was a wonderful day.....for that I am grateful :)

Today was my hubby's day off and he took it. Actually, since he started at his new job he has been able to take almost all of his days off. This sounds unremarkable, but when at his last job he worked virtually all of them this is a very welcomed change. For this I am grateful!

We were able to enjoy a really nice dinner out...with the kids. (Hopefully a full fledged date night won't be too far in the future :)) For that I am grateful.

Then tonight we watched "The Tooth Fairy" together as a family. For that I am grateful.

It was a very cute movie.
Now hubby and I are in bed watching "It's Complicated"...thankfully hubby is encouraging me to make sure I do this blog every day so he isn't complaining that I am watching and typing at the same time. For that I am grateful.
Good night blog readers :) I am grateful for you too!


Thursday May 6

Another beautiful sunny day. I must admit that I am affected by the weather. The days that are sunny I have an much easier time staying in a positive mood. I find it very difficult sometimes on cloudy days to see past that gloominess. So I am grateful for the sunshine today.

I am grateful to know that even when it doesn't seem like it, and I don't feel Him, God is still with me.

When I look out my kitchen window this is the view that I see (believe me it looks much, much nicer in person) There is a road, but you only see it when there is a car on it. There are wires and hydro lines, but only if you look for them. It is just beautiful wide open space that I get to enjoy every day. For this I am grateful.

I have been enjoying some blog hopping lately. I have hopped into some really great blogs of christian moms. I am grateful that God is leading me to them:)

Last, but certainly not least, I am extremely grateful for my hubby.
I love him with all of my heart. We have been married for almost 18 years now and I can honestly say that we are happier now than we have ever been.

I love you !


Wednesday May 5

This morning didn't start out the best. I fell back to sleep after hubby left for work, and Gabe woke me up asking for breakfast with just 20 minutes to get him breakfast, make his lunch, and him to get dressed. Thankfully we made it out to the bus on time...for that I am grateful.

Wednesday's are my weigh in day for Weight Watchers and I go to a Parent and Tot meeting so that I can take the boys with me....much easier than finding a babysitter to go. However, some weeks I am VERY lucky and my sister comes out first thing in the morning to watch them and I get to go to the meeting by myself. Today was one of those days. For that I am grateful!

It takes me 30 minutes to drive to my meeting (and obviously 30 minutes back). With no little boys in the car with me the drive is nice and quiet. I enjoyed the peace, enjoyed some music, enjoyed the drive, and the drive back :) For that I am grateful.

My sister usually spends the whole day when she comes out. She plays with the boys and we get to chat...especially nice when the boys are napping....I really enjoy when she's here. For her I am grateful.

My boys love their Auntie Joe, and Auntie Joe loves them. For that I am grateful!!!


Tuesday May 4th

Oh my goodness....

I just realized that the post I thought I was writing for this blog I actually posted on my other blog. LOL!

Please visit today's gratitude list here.


Monday May 3rd

I can't believe it is already May!! I missed the whole month of April. Not once in April did I come in here and tell what I am grateful for. Oh, I made time to visit Facebook, play a game or two of Combine, stare off into nowhere, but not once did I make the time to notice and remember all that I am blessed with. No more. I HAVE to make this a priority. I NEED to remember everyday that there are GREAT things EVERY day. Even on the days when I am exhausted, frustrated, and mad at the kids or my hubby...there are GREAT things.

So, I begin again. A fresh outlook, a renewed desire.

Yesterday was a great day. We got up and had breakfast together as a family...that doesn't often get to happen with hubby getting ready or already gone to work, and Gabe getting ready for school. Then it was showers for all and off to church.

We never seem to make it to church on time, but we got there. I am VERY grateful when we do. I LOVE our church family. I love seeing their smiling faces, sharing hugs and encouragement after the service, and just knowing that people care how we are doing...and I mean genuinely care.

After church, back home for lunch...again as a family:) Then naps for the boys. Even Gabe napped, and was the last one back up! Got some cleaning done while they were asleep, and hubby dug a firepit. We are looking forward to being able to sit out and enjoy a nice fire, maybe some marshmallow roasting and good friends in the coming summer evenings.

Late afternoon our company started to arrive. We enjoyed a wonderful evening with hubby's parents, one of his sisters, and her 2 kids as well as 2 other friends of ours. It was a simple meal, but the conversation and laughter was wonderful.

It was a great day, one I am grateful for :)