Forever Grateful to God for


Wednesday March 2nd

Wednesdays are a great day for me :)  Well, usually anyway.  Weigh in can sometimes put a damper on the morning, but other than that, it is one of my favourite days of the week.
So what am I grateful for on this first wednesday of March?

My older sister!  I love her to death.  She almost always spends her wednesday day off out at my house.  God love her!  It is always a highlight to my week.

For free programs!  Lately my two oldest boys have been going to Gym Jam on wednesday nights.  They are loving it!  I will be sad next week when its over.  It is a program run at the school gym where they go and play games and run around for an hour with other kids their age.  The nice thing is that they are in 2 different age groups right now so they each get their own time.  AND ITS FREE!  Awesome!

A great day for hubby! It has been a long time since hubby has come home with a smile on his face.  What a very pleasant change :)

For good weather.  I had to drive into London and back in the afternoon.  Roads and traffic were good.  Made for an easy trip.

A yummy dinner.  It was just Chicken Breast, Mini potatoes, a bean medley with carrots, and a piece of Garlic bread, but it was really yummy.  Also helped that I didn't have to make it all myself :)


Tuesday March 1st

Three months was too long to be away from this blog.
Not that I need this blog to be grateful, but it sure helps bring my focus back to what matters.
Stuff happens.  We have bad days.  We get mad at the kids, at our spouse, at ourselves.  Things don't go as we planned. Troubles come.  Sometimes its just a crappy day.
This blog makes me put things back in perspective even on the crappiest of days.
Sometimes it is still hard to come up with 5 things that I am grateful for without repeating myself or going with the easy answers. 
But, it's worth it.  Try it.  Go ahead!  Take the next week and write down five things every day that you are grateful for.  If you want, you can use my comment section to do it.  Go ahead, give it a try.  You will be amazed at what you can learn.

Tonight I am so grateful for my darling love.  He is the love of my life.  We have been through so much, and our marriage is stronger than ever.  I love you to death Gord!!

For the laughter of my littlest boy.  He makes me laugh every day.

For the beautiful sunshine.  I am so looking forward to Spring. 

To see the joy on my boys faces as they tell me about the good things in their days.

For comments left on my blogs!  LOVE 'EM!!!


February 28th

A quick post tonight.  I will write more tomorrow :)

I am very thankful for answer to prayer.
Grateful for time with ALL of my boys :)
Thankful that the snow is going away!!
For getting back to blogging after too long away.
And for a fresh start.

God is good.