Forever Grateful to God for


I need to write this post quickly since it is just about midnight.

Today's five

Getting out with the boys for a walk today. It was cold, but we were dressed warm, and had a good time

That the boys are just as happy with a $1.49 rental as with purchasing a new movie

That Gord was able to have a good sleep while the boys and are were out.

That the rest of us had a good nap this afternoon :)

A nice evening with Gord's parents. Totally yummy dinner:)

The picture of the day...


I'll start tonight with the picture for the day.

My five for today....

That some day soon it will be Spring, and this crappy weather will be gone.

For today's PD day, and not having to walk Gabe to school in the rain and wind.

Being safe and warm in the house while the wind howls wildly out outside.

Making it through another day

Having someone leave a comment on my blog:)


I'm getting to this a little later tonight, but I still wanted to make sure that I got it done. I am finding that as I go through my day I am trying to make mental notes of things that I am grateful for as they happen. The daily exercise of writing out my five things is making me take the time to appreciate that there really are good things in every day.

A really nice note of encouragement from an old friend, thanks Trevor

For tonight's Grace Walk class

My lovely sister babysitting so I could go to class

For Eldon and Colleen, their friendship, their guidance, their openness and honesty, their faith


Here is today's picture


As with my regular blog, I have decided that I am going to add a picture I like to each day. It might have something to do with one of my five, but it might just be one I like. Hope you might like them too.
So here is today's picture...

I find myself not dreading this tonight. It has been SOOOOO hard to do this every night, and I have found myself putting it off as late as I can in the day. Tonight, not so much.

On to tonight's five...

Getting two blog posts written today

A nice hot cup of tea, or two :)

A time for reflection

A few days of work for Gord from a friend....every little bit helps

Rediscovering a love for photography


As we come to the end of another day it is time for me to come up with my five for today.

Listening to Gabe read his 'Snuggle Up and Read' book about Purple, and him getting most of the words right :)

Enjoying some time to make love to my husband

No kids waking up during

Finally seeing the second part of an old two part Criminal Minds episode

That the kids are happy with a chocolate chip cookie for dessert


Okay, another day, another five more things.

Here we go...

No new bad news today.

A special offer from my sister.

A husband who even though he feels completely battered by our situation is still sitting here trying to help me find my five.

That our boys are sleeping soundly.

That now that I am typing my last of the five I can shut off this computer and snuggle up to my hubby and go to sleep.

A make up post

I have a couple days to catch up on after being sick for a few days. Sorry, I'm not going to come up with fifteen things, but I'll get down a few.

What I have been grateful for these last couple days....

My mom coming by with gingerale for me, and supper for Gord and the boys...Thanks so much mom!!

That I'm not puking anymore!!!!!

A visit from Jyll, Erik, Aubree, and Piper yesterday (missed you Delaney). Too short, but atleast we got to see them for a bit.

Getting all the dishes done.

That there are still moments when we can find a laugh

That I'm not drowning in my own tears...well, not yet anyway.

Well, that's it for now. I'll do my best to be back tonight with the five for today.


Today is day three of my gratitude journal. I am hoping that eventually I will not find it so difficult to find my daily five.

Today's five...

That even though things are falling down around us, my love for my husband has not waivered.

A kind note from a friend.

A long hot shower. It's amazing how much noise you can block out with your head under a shower head.

Gord going for the groceries today.

Beating the garbage truck to the end of my driveway.


Okay, I promised myself that I would do this everyday. How crappy would it be to not do it on Day Two?! I am still struggling to find the good in my days that seem so darn bad, but I'm working on it.

Today's five things....

All of the wonderful people who are thinking about us and taking the time to keep us in their thoughts and prayers.

Experiencing the joy that my kids get out of being tickled, and laughing with them as they try to tickle back.

An afternoon nap. Being pregnant, stressed and extemely emotion is VERY draining.

Not having to share my chocolate popsicle.

Making it through another day, still alive, still sane...well, as sane as I can be.


Today is the beginning of this Gratitude Journal. Every day I will try and write out five things that I am grateful for. Hopefully this will enable me to take the focus off the negative and open my eyes to what really matters.

It has been a very hard day. We continue to struggle with my husband being out of work, nothing seeming to come together, and to top it off today we had to give back our car. So, this is an important day for me to try and see the good in the day instead of dwelling on how miserable it feels.

Here are today's five things to be grateful for....

The precious hugs and kisses of our boys. No judgement, just love.

Sharing some time reading books with the boys.

Feeling the baby move.

Before we had to take the car back I was able to get the rest of the laundry dried at the laundromat (dryer died a couple months ago)

The help and encouragement of great friends.