Forever Grateful to God for


March 2-7

This first week of March has just flown by. I have barely even checked my email this week nevermind having a chance to actually post.

Spring....oh, come quickly please....

Atleast we have had some warmer weather this week and some of the snow is melting.

This week I stopped breastfeeding. I am glad to finally have my body back, but also a little sad. Isaac is my last baby, and that was the last time I will share that type of bond with my kids.

Gabe had his first birthday party of the year to go to on saturday. He was so excited. I am grateful that he not only found a friend on his bus, but that he lives on our street too:)

We enjoyed an evening of fun with friends. We have entertained more at this house in 6months than we did in several years at the other house.

Here we go onto another week.

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