Forever Grateful to God for


For Monday November 22nd

Here is my list for today, well actually for yesterday.  I post the morning of the next day so that I have a whole day to draw from.  Some days I find it very hard to find 5 things to be grateful for, and need all the day I can get!

Posting two days in a row! Wahoo.  I am on a roll.

Getting out to the bus on time today.  Seems simple enough, but some days......OYYY!!

When people leave comments (preferably nice ones) on my blogs.  It is nice to know that someone is reading them (other than me of course).

A day at errands today. A perfect day for it.  Who wants to be dragging their little boy in and out of the car in the rain?  I'm sure he enjoyed staying in his pj's a whole lot more :)

That it is raining, not SNOWING!! 
Have I mentioned that I REALLY dislike snow?  I'd be very happy if it would come December 24th, and be gone December 26th.  I pray for it every year, but I guess there are enough others praying for a long winter to counteract my pleas.

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  1. Apparently I spoke too soon with the getting on the bus thing.....Guess I should still be thankful for one day of success.


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