Forever Grateful to God for


Well I have neglected this blog for the last 10 days. You miss one day and it makes it so much easier to miss another, and then another and before you know it a week and a half has gone by. After some encouragement from my husband, I am back to make up for some missed posts :)

This road that my family and I have been on has most certainly had its ups and downs, and continues to bring challenges and struggles, but also hope and blessings.

As much as there are days that seem filled with nothing good, I know that this is not the case and if I just look closer, I will find something good in every day. These last 10 days are no different. Have there been lots of things I could complain about? Sure, and I should probably apologize to the listening ear of a good friend who lets me vent to her. But, she also always brings me back to the good parts of the day too.

So what do I have to be grateful for lately?

For the love of my husband. I miss him very much.

For Gord's first week of work. It has had its good points and bad ones just like anything else, but hopefully this job will allow us to get back on track, and get ahead a little before the baby comes.

For Gord meeting Martin. I am so grateful that God has provided such a friend for him.

That we have been able to do prayers by speakerphone with Gord/Daddy every night at bedtime. They know that they get to talk to Daddy at that time every day, and they look forward to it.

That so far they have handled Gord being away well. They miss him, and ask for him, but we haven't had any big meltdowns yet :) I think prayer time and the Jujube Count down jar help....who doesn't like having a jujube every day. LOL

I am grateful that we finally got the truck licencing changed over and it is now fully in our name and able to be driven. It has been a blessing being able to get to church, the grocery store, take my sister to work, and get to doctor's appointments without needing to rely on anyone.

For our boys. As much as they drive me crazy some days...okay, most days....I love them beyond words. They are truly a blessing from God.

For having some snuggle time with Gabe today.

For hearing them say that they love me. The best words :)

For enjoying treats like ice cream and chocolate...yummy.

For this baby. He was not planned, and a most definitely a surprise, but he is a gift from God.

For feeling the baby move. Some times it doesn't feel so great, and some times even hurts a little, but knowing that he is growing and active gives me a sense of peace.

That I know God is in control. That He knows all that we are going through and dealing with and wants to look after it all if we will just trust Him.

For the encouragement, care and concern of friends and family. I am grateful to have people checking in to make sure that we are doing ok.

As I end this post today I ask that whatever your current situation or circumstances, that you take the time in your day to look for something good. Its there, we just have to open our eyes and hearts to find it. May you be richly blessed.

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