Forever Grateful to God for


Some days coming up with my five things is easier than others. Today is not one of the easy days. Its not that anything bad has happened today, its just that not much has happened at all today.
But, here we go
Holding my hubby's hand
A great piece of chocolate cake
A good check up with the OB
Hearing Zach say he has a baby in his tummy too
Bedtime prayers with our boys

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  1. Hi there!
    I always check in to see your "gratitude journal" entry. Quite often I don't see it until the next morning, as it was today.
    The days when nothing happens although a relief are sometimes the longest days. Glad you "made it through" and praying today is quicker and only positively eventful. Love to you my sister

    I am thankful for my brothers today.


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