Forever Grateful to God for


Today was a good day. I gave in to a craving tonight and had the yummiest Dairy Queen Strawberry Sundae!!!

It was nice to spend the majority of the day with only 2 of the 5 kids.

I am so grateful to Jyll for putting Gabe in Gymnastics Camp with the Delaney and Aubree today.

A nap with Zach. To watch my little boy (who isn't so little anymore) sleep in my arms.

That the four older kids have been sleeping in the same room every night and doing it with virtually no issues. Delaney has been fabulous with making sure Zach makes it through the night. Tonight she has even kept him in bed with her :) Mommy might get two nights without kids in my bed!!!

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  1. Hi girls!! How awesome to spend some time with your sister. I wish I had one! Enjoy this time together. I'm sure it will recharge some "pooped out" batteries.


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