Forever Grateful to God for


Another day has come and gone. Lately I have not felt very well,which makes the end of the day a welcome thing. It can also make it hard to get my brain to think about the day and come up with my five things....but, here it goes.

I am grateful tonight that both the boys managed to make it through their haircuts with relatively minor issues...amazing what lollipop bribery can do

For Gord giving the boys much needed baths tonight

For getting a new bra..even if it needs to be a nursing one

For going out on my own for a little while today. I was kind of in a fog, but it was still nice to just walk around a little by myself.

Gord doesn't think that my using being done my five, AS one of my five is how about this one.....
I am grateful that when I started this blog I made it a daily list of 5 not 10!!

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