Forever Grateful to God for


Today is the beginning of this Gratitude Journal. Every day I will try and write out five things that I am grateful for. Hopefully this will enable me to take the focus off the negative and open my eyes to what really matters.

It has been a very hard day. We continue to struggle with my husband being out of work, nothing seeming to come together, and to top it off today we had to give back our car. So, this is an important day for me to try and see the good in the day instead of dwelling on how miserable it feels.

Here are today's five things to be grateful for....

The precious hugs and kisses of our boys. No judgement, just love.

Sharing some time reading books with the boys.

Feeling the baby move.

Before we had to take the car back I was able to get the rest of the laundry dried at the laundromat (dryer died a couple months ago)

The help and encouragement of great friends.

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