Forever Grateful to God for


The end of another week. Hard to believe I have 13 weeks left until this baby arrives. I made a chart for Gabe today because he keeps asking me when the baby will be here. Today we marked off our first box. 87 days left.

I am grateful that Gabe hasn't asked me again how the baby comes out. Still not sure what a five year old needs to know. But when he asks what tools the doctor uses, it scares me a little LOL.

For some great compliments for Gord on his painting jobs from friends of ours.

For being able to get a few groceries with the last bit of money we had. The boys will be happy that mommy got some more hot dogs.

That my hubby doesn't mind when I fall asleep earlier than I plan.

For the hope of something good happening in the coming week :)

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