Forever Grateful to God for


Last night was a very late night, so I didn't do my five for yesterday. So, we'll just make a bigger list tonight.

I am so very grateful for the sacrifice that Jesus made for me.

That I am forgiven.

For Grace

That I am secure in the knowledge that my last breath on earth will be immediately followed by my first breath in heaven.

I'm also thankful that most of my loved ones will be there with me...and hopefully I still have time with the rest to show them Jesus through me.

Yesterday we visited some good friends. I am grateful for a wonderful night of food and conversation.

For the Easter baskets full of goodies they gave the boys.

Today we had a wonderful Easter dinner with Gord's parents and his youngest sister. It was a really nice afternoon.

For Grampa setting up a little easter egg hunt for the boys. They each had their own set of bunny prints to follow to find the treats. They had a blast.

For our friend Chuck goofing around with the boys. Thanks for tiring them out Chuck!I am grateful for a good weekend. It was long, but lots of fun. I am also grateful that it is now over. Time for some sleep :)

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