Forever Grateful to God for


Wednesday May 5

This morning didn't start out the best. I fell back to sleep after hubby left for work, and Gabe woke me up asking for breakfast with just 20 minutes to get him breakfast, make his lunch, and him to get dressed. Thankfully we made it out to the bus on time...for that I am grateful.

Wednesday's are my weigh in day for Weight Watchers and I go to a Parent and Tot meeting so that I can take the boys with me....much easier than finding a babysitter to go. However, some weeks I am VERY lucky and my sister comes out first thing in the morning to watch them and I get to go to the meeting by myself. Today was one of those days. For that I am grateful!

It takes me 30 minutes to drive to my meeting (and obviously 30 minutes back). With no little boys in the car with me the drive is nice and quiet. I enjoyed the peace, enjoyed some music, enjoyed the drive, and the drive back :) For that I am grateful.

My sister usually spends the whole day when she comes out. She plays with the boys and we get to chat...especially nice when the boys are napping....I really enjoy when she's here. For her I am grateful.

My boys love their Auntie Joe, and Auntie Joe loves them. For that I am grateful!!!

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