Forever Grateful to God for


Tuesday May 11 - Sunday May 16

It is truly amazing at how quickly the days get away from me. I miss one day and then BOOM a week has gone by. So, here I am to get caught back up.

Tuesday.....grateful for Pizza Day! Every tuesday my oldest gets Pizza and chocolate milk at school for lunch. He loves it, which makes me love it too!

Wednesday.....grateful for a good checkup. Zach (the middle boy) had a Preschool Health Fair today. They checked his teeth, ears, eyes, nutrition, and immunization. He checked out all good...and had fun doing it. That is a total PLUS!! Totally grateful for that.
....for getting to my WW meeting and being down 0.8. Finally heading back in the right direction. Grateful!

Thursday....for having a really good ON PROGRAM day. This just means that I stayed within my points. I wasn't hungry, and even got in my exercise which I have been definitely lacking. A good to be grateful for!

Friday....ended up having a funeral to go to today. My stepmom's Aunt died this week. She was very close to her. I was grateful to my sister-in-law who graciously agreed to take my kids so that I could attend the funeral and show my stepmom and Dad some love and support.

Saturday....Gabe got to go to his first friend sleepover tonight. He was so excited (has been all week waiting for today to come). We packed his backpack and off we went. I don't think I even got a bye Mom. LOL
I am grateful that he has found his "best friend" and its an added bonus that they just live a kilometer and a half down the road :)

Sunday.....a wonderful church service that really made me think..(I love our church family), and then off to lunch at Gabe's friend's house. We had a wonderful time getting to know their family. I think we will become good friends. I am grateful for a great day had by all.

I know this is only one or two things for each day instead of the five that I try and post, but that would have been a bit much for one post. Hopefully I will keep up this week :)

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