Forever Grateful to God for


Friday May 7

Today was a wonderful day.....for that I am grateful :)

Today was my hubby's day off and he took it. Actually, since he started at his new job he has been able to take almost all of his days off. This sounds unremarkable, but when at his last job he worked virtually all of them this is a very welcomed change. For this I am grateful!

We were able to enjoy a really nice dinner out...with the kids. (Hopefully a full fledged date night won't be too far in the future :)) For that I am grateful.

Then tonight we watched "The Tooth Fairy" together as a family. For that I am grateful.

It was a very cute movie.
Now hubby and I are in bed watching "It's Complicated"...thankfully hubby is encouraging me to make sure I do this blog every day so he isn't complaining that I am watching and typing at the same time. For that I am grateful.
Good night blog readers :) I am grateful for you too!

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