Forever Grateful to God for


Monday May 17th

Today is almost over, and I should be heading for bed. Instead I'm going to post today's five :)
Today I was weeding the garden and found this....
in one of my bushes as I was pruning it.
I am grateful for the beauty all around us.

Tonight was Gabe's softball practise

I'm grateful he's enjoying it.

I got a call from Gabe's teacher today with an update on his progress.
He is doing much better with his reading and writing.
I am SO grateful for this.

I am grateful for Zach's imagination.

He is happy making up stories as he plays.

Tonight my husband needed a ride home from work. He works about 45minutes away from home. My wonderful sister (who lives 30 minutes in the opposite direction) was gracious enough to come out to watch the boys so that I could go and get hubby. She is the best. She finished giving them their baths and put the clean linens back on their beds!

I am SO grateful for her!

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