Forever Grateful to God for


Monday May 10th

It is 7:30pm and all is quiet. Usually I would be getting the kids to bed now, but Gabe is doing Softball right now and had a practice tonight. I am usually the one who takes him, but my baby Isaac has been running a fever since yesterday and I didn't think sitting outside for two hours with him ws the wisest move.
Thankfully my Dad..aka Grampa...was able to come out tonight and take him. For that I am grateful.
He also took Zach, which saved me from lots of tears....for that I am grateful.
That left me with just my fevered little boy. He is sleeping peacefully for the moment. For that I am grateful.
It has been a relatively quiet day...for that I am grateful.
It was a beautiful sunny day ( a bit cold, but still beautiful)...for that I am grateful!

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