Forever Grateful to God for


Monday May 3rd

I can't believe it is already May!! I missed the whole month of April. Not once in April did I come in here and tell what I am grateful for. Oh, I made time to visit Facebook, play a game or two of Combine, stare off into nowhere, but not once did I make the time to notice and remember all that I am blessed with. No more. I HAVE to make this a priority. I NEED to remember everyday that there are GREAT things EVERY day. Even on the days when I am exhausted, frustrated, and mad at the kids or my hubby...there are GREAT things.

So, I begin again. A fresh outlook, a renewed desire.

Yesterday was a great day. We got up and had breakfast together as a family...that doesn't often get to happen with hubby getting ready or already gone to work, and Gabe getting ready for school. Then it was showers for all and off to church.

We never seem to make it to church on time, but we got there. I am VERY grateful when we do. I LOVE our church family. I love seeing their smiling faces, sharing hugs and encouragement after the service, and just knowing that people care how we are doing...and I mean genuinely care.

After church, back home for lunch...again as a family:) Then naps for the boys. Even Gabe napped, and was the last one back up! Got some cleaning done while they were asleep, and hubby dug a firepit. We are looking forward to being able to sit out and enjoy a nice fire, maybe some marshmallow roasting and good friends in the coming summer evenings.

Late afternoon our company started to arrive. We enjoyed a wonderful evening with hubby's parents, one of his sisters, and her 2 kids as well as 2 other friends of ours. It was a simple meal, but the conversation and laughter was wonderful.

It was a great day, one I am grateful for :)

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