Forever Grateful to God for


Monday February 8th

Today I am grateful for the sunshine!! I always seem to be in a better mood, and usually more productive (I say usually, cause that one didn't happen today)
Some "unmentionable" time with my husband. Those times can be hard to find with 3 kids, and long work days.
Points left for popcorn. Today I kept my points in check to leave enough to have some popcorn! Yummy!
Good reading time with Gabe. Some days it is a real stuggle to get him to focus on getting his home reading done. Today he read really well and we got through 2 books with relative ease.
Getting one of the things done off my to do list that has just not been getting done. Stupid thing is it was a 5 minute phone call. Yes, I would be a procrastinator :(

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