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Thursday February 25 - I'm Back!!!

Okay, so here's what happened....the short version....
I left my bellstick plugged in, in not a great place (especially when I have young kids)...oldest son (only 6) accidentally demolished it while jumping around playing Wii, not paying attention to his surroundings. (I won't mention all the laundry, toys etc that he knocks over regularly while doing the same thing).

Demolition by 6 year old....NOT covered under warranty.....wait til payday, skimp in other areas to be able to afford new bell stick...
And, Voila! Thank the good Lord I have internet service back. PHEW!

So, I know I have missed many days, so I will note afew of the thinks I have been grateful for since my last post, and then move on.

I am very grateful to have my internet service back. Living out here in the country is nice, but I use my computer alot and not having anyway to be connected really sucked!

For a good first couple weeks at Weight Watchers. Down 12lbs in 3 weeks. A long way to go, but a great start.

For a friend to do WW with. I have buddied up with a friend who also wants to lose and get healthy, and I am really looking forward to being able to encourage one another, swap recipes, etc.

For that same friend offering to watch the boys so that I could catch up on a few hours of sleep. This last week and a bit has been worse than normal for lack of sleep and she was a Godsend. She has even offered to do it again saturday morning!! Apparently she like our boys LOL. Hallelujah!!!!

Well, my few moments of peace are up. Isaac is back up and crying to be fed. Poor Zach is still trying to nap while hacking. Any tips for dealing with coughing children 3 and under would be great help.

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  1. Here there my friend...never chat but here I am! K...coughing little ones....well maybe not the infant but here's what my mom always gave me and it worked.... a small pat of soft butter rolled in white sugar and down the shoot!...greased it all the way to no more coughing!!! Have done it with several of my own. Love to you....


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